Friday Menu – January 2023

During January 2023 at Tampella we serve every Friday changing five course menu starting from Friday 13th of January 2023. The price is 49,00€/person. Menu will be prepared limited number only so inform us already when making the reservation if you especially want to have Friday menu.

The changing menu is always designed by one of our staff. These menus don’t follow necessarily traditional ”Tampella style” but that gives some freedom for our staff to try new things. The first menu on Friday 13th for example, was more like a bistro style menu.


Celeriac and blueberries
Salmon, fennel and tomatoes
Beef, polenta and red wine
Mint granita
Blood orange and olive oil

*everything is lactose-free and gluten-free



Come and try flavours from our new menu!

Seasonal vegetables, vegetable broth and sour cream


Oxtail, tomatoes and fresh pasta


Pork belly, beetroot, onion and bilberries


Blood orange sorbet


Sponge cake*, carrot, white chocolate and nuts

*includes Gluten-Free wheat starch

*everything is lactose free , the menu is possible to have also gluten free but without pasta




“This menu is a celebration of finnish favorite ingredient – potato!”


Crispy potato, roe and parmesan


Potato gnocchi, cucumber and blue cheese


Dill sorbet


Trout, red cabbage and sauce made with leek and potatoes


Potato ice cream, raspberries and chocolate


* everything is lactose free , the menu is possible to have also gluten free but without gnocchi



“Inspiration for this menu derives from seasonal ingredients and from personal feeling of what would I eat in the middle of winter time; strong aromas and dark flavours.”

Celeriac, barley and cranberry


Pork, red cabbage and onion


Arctic char, tomatoes, couscous and hollandaise sauce flavoured with black pepper


Orange and milk


White chocolate, apple and malt

* everything is lactose free excluding white chocolate, the menu is possible to have also gluten free but we will change some components

Friday menus during January:

Friday 13.1. Mäkinen’s menu

Friday 20.1. Menu by Panos

Friday 27.1. Coming

Friday 3.2. Aki’s menu