Inspiration to our stylish, but also easily approachable menu comes from the kitchens of the world, but its roots are based on local traditions. All our dishes are made with expertise by using the fresh ingredients. We pay attention to also the hungriest and also the smallest – without forgetting the real connoisseurs!


Tehtaanjohtajan tatakia

Lightly grilled Asian style seasoned Finnish beef fillet, soy mayonnaise & cucumber, leek and daikon salad with sesame seeds (L, G)


Laamannin lohta

Salmon tartare, shallot, dill, crème fraiche flavored with wasabi
with roasted bread (L, G without bread)


Juustotalon juustoa

Cheese soup made of Herkkujuustola´s SavuHilma and Hilma, cheese croquette, red onion jam and chives (L, G by request)


Ramsayn artisokkaa

Roasted Jerusalem artichokes, marinated tomatoes, tomatoe vinaigrette and
chive emulsion (L, G)



Konepajan pippuripihvi

Tenderloin steak of Finnish beef, three peppercorn sauce with Cognac and potato
wedges seasoned with rosemary salt (L, G)

150 g / 32,90€
200 g / 34,90€

Herrainmäen härkää

Grilled Finnish beef tenderloin, garlic butter, red wine sauce and creamy garlic potatoes (L, G)


Käräjäsalin karitsaa

Overcooked lamb shank, mashed potatoes, mushrooms, berries and bordelaise sauce (L, G)


Portinvartijan possua

Grilled Finnish pork neck glazed with burnt lemon and chili, purée made of smoked celeriac, grilled potato and pickled cabbage (L, G)


Kansallismaiseman kuhaa

Pan-fried pike-perch, potatoes, roasted rye, poached cabbage, pickled savoy cabbage, fennel salad and creamy sauce flavored with fennel and pastis (L, G by request)


Höyrylaivurin nieriää

Pan-fried Arctic char, roasted tomatoes and almonds, kale and mushrooms served with lemon herb vinaigrette and choron sauce (L, G)


Oikeustalon ohraa

Barley porridge with pumpkin, Parmesan cheese, roasted chestnuts and raspberries (L)


Törngrenin tofua

Tofu marinated with black garlic, pea purée, charcoal-grilled cauliflower and potatoes, linseeds and lemon sauce flavored with herbs (L, G)



Massunmäen ritarit

French toasts á la Tampella, house-made cream cheese ice cream and raspberry anglais (L)


Pellavantorin pannacottaa

Mocha panna cotta, milk foam, orange and cardamom crumble (L, G)


Kelloportin kookosta

Rice with passion fruit, coconut sorbet, passion fruit and mango (L, G)


Pikkuruskon päärynää ja suklaata

Poached pear, chocolate mousse flavored with tea, pear jam with mint and red currant powder (G)


In addition to these dishes there is also vegan menu available. Detailed information on vegan dishes and possible allergens that our food may contain you can get from our staff members.

All our meat that we use on our carte-menu’s meat dishes is Finnish except lamb shank (New Zealand).

For children, we offer the mains as smaller portions, half-priced.