Inspiration to our stylish, but also easily approachable menu comes from the kitchens of the world, but its roots are based on local traditions. All our dishes are made with expertise by using the fresh ingredients. We pay attention to also the hungriest and also the smallest – without forgetting the real connoisseurs!


Höyrykattilan siikaa

Sugar-salted whitefish, crayfish tails, pea purée, pea – cucumber salad and cucumber juice flavored with dill (L, G)


Tehtaanjohtajan tomaattia

Cold tomato soup, caramelized celery, semi-dried tomato, dried capers and smoked sour cream (L, G)


Pellavatehtaan pastramia

Pastrami sandwich with Finnish beef brisket, sauerkraut, pickled cucumber and mustard seed, served with horseradish mayonnaise (L)


Ramsayn ricottaa

House-made ricotta cheese, grilled carrot, carrot purée flavored with orange zest, tarragon foam and roasted almonds (L, G)



Liinatehtaan lohisalaatti

Charcoal-grilled salmon, caesar salad, parmesan and croutons (L, G without croutons)


Pursiseuran possua

Charcoal-grilled slow-cooked pork belly, spicy rice noodle salad, sesame cucumber, chili – pineapple salsa, pickled red cabbage, ponzu mayonnaise and crusty bread (L, G without bread)


Huoltokonttorin halloumisalaatti

Fried halloumi cheese, green salad, strawberries and pineapple, roasted cashew nuts and raspberry vinaigrette (L, G without bread)



Konepajan pippuripihvi

Tenderloin steak of Finnish beef, three peppercorn sauce with Cognac and potato
wedges seasoned with rosemary salt (L, G)

150 g / 30,90€
200 g / 33,90€

Herrainmäen härkää

Grilled Finnish beef tenderloin, garlic butter, red wine sauce and creamy garlic potatoes (L, G)


Portinvartijan possua

Charcoal-grilled slow-cooked Finnish pork belly, fried broccolini, potatoes flavored with lemon, puréed burned apples and roasted paprika vinaigrette (L, G)


Kansallismaiseman kuhaa

Grilled pike-perch, poached potatoes and grilled leek, served with melted dill butter and roe (L, G)


Työnpuiston taimenta

Grilled trout, broccoli purée, Brussels sprout and Savoy cabbage, pickled turnip and chives oil (L, G)


Ryselinin risottoa

Carrot risotto, house-made ricotta
cheese and chives oil (L, G)



Massunmäen ritarit

French toasts à la Tampella, house-made strawberry ice cream and strawberries flavored with mint (L)


Pörssiyhtiön pannacottaa

Citrus panna cotta, mandarin granita and roasted almond crumble (L, G)


Soittokunnan sorbettia

Basil sherbet, yoghurt mousse, white chocolate sand and berries marinated with citrus liqueur (LL, G)


Aspinniemen appelsiinia

Orange cake, orange ice cream, sesame cracker and roasted white chocolate moussé (LL, G)


In addition to these dishes there is also vegan menu available. Detailed information on vegan dishes and possible allergens that our food may contain you can get from our staff members.

All our meat that we use on our carte-menu’s meat dishes is Finnish.

For children, we offer the mains as smaller portions, half-priced.